Cabaret 13

In Moscow in 1913 two well known avant-garde artists Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov were making waves in the social scene. Along with several other artisans and poets they were capturing the attention of the elite and the less privileged as well. They were reacting to the events that shaped the upcoming revolution that would change Russia forever.

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The Americans of Calais

The Americans of Calais, a feature film produced at Studio 4 that is written and directed by Steve Spraggs. The film had its world premier at The Mississippi International Film Festival in October. The film will be available on DVD June 1st 2013.

Cold War Poets

Studio 4 Inc. is now in pre production on the short film Cold War Poets. The short film is to enter the festival circuit summer 2015. The feature version of the film is in development and will enter pre-production as soon as the short...

Mr. Giggles' Manager

Mr. Giggles Manager is a fully developed feature length screen play with all rights owned by Studio 4 Inc. The project is ready for pre-production. For more information click the Cinematic Development Tab.

Studio 4 Music

The Old One Two is releasing it's latest album recorded at studio 4.


This is the team that makes up Studio 4

  • Stephen Spraggs is the President and CEO of Studio 4 Inc. He is the driving force behind the studio with a lot of help from a myriad of other people. He is a writer, producer, director and sometimes even an actor. For more information visit Steve's IMDB profile page.

Who We Are

Studio 4 Inc. is a full service film production studio with executive production capabilities. Our latest feature film "The Americans of Calais" had it's world premier last October at The Mississippi International Film Festival, and is currently having it's festival run. Studio 4 is currently entering production on the short film “Cabaret 13”, a fictional tale based on real events in Moscow Russia in 1913. In addition to this production several feature films and music projects are currently on the studio docket awaiting development and production. Please click the cinematic development tab for information concerning investment opportunities that may arise for our films, and contact us if you desire more information about the currently listed productions as well.